climup - virtual technician

see how to shield your pc from data theft using climup

Malicious people can easily copy or move information from your personal or company computer to pen drives or some other USB device, with chances of this device being infected and infecting your computer by jeopardizing the safety of Your personal information in addition to causing critical Windows failures (click here to protect your computer from virus attacks and other threats automatically). However, to make sure that no one will be able to copy or move information from your computer to some USB device (pen drive, external HD, etc...), we'll show in this article how to shield your PC, protecting the USB ports of your computer preventing the Data recording. For this, we will use the climup - virtual technician.

climup - virtual technician
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Follow the steps below:

Haven't installed the climup yet? Then your computer is at risk and with the performance below the expected. Here's how to install.

Before you start, close all open windows and programs.

Step 1:

Right-click any empty Windows desktop area, and then click climup;

climup - virtual technician

Step 2:

When the climup opens, click only once in Module "6. protect" and wait;

climup - virtual technician

Step 3:

When you finish, close the climup, and then restart your computer. Ready.

climup - virtual technician

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