climup - virtual technician

unstable pc? here's how to speed up pc without formatting

Unstable pc? Most of the time when you install a program, it starts automatically when the computer is turned on, either to open faster when you use it, to detect new versions and update automatically or to perform some other task. The more programs booting automatically with Windows, the more time-consuming it will be to boot the system and much of the times, more than half of the programs that are automatically loaded with Windows are used rarely or are not used anymore, or either, it makes no sense to leave Windows startup slow, loading programs that you don't use or use sporadically. In this article you will see in a few steps how to disable these "unnecessary" programs from Windows startup with the help of the climup - virtual technician and the Autoruns program.

climup - virtual technician
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Follow the steps below:

Haven't installed the climup yet? Then your computer is at risk and with the performance below the expected. Here's how to install.

Before you start, close all open windows and programs.

Step 1:

Right-click any empty Windows desktop area, and then click climup;

climup - virtual technician

Step 2:

When the climup opens, click only once in Module "5. startup" and wait;

climup - virtual technician

Step 3:

When loading Autoruns, click the "Logon" tab and uncheck all programs that you rarely use (keep the files related to the antivirus, printer, and climup marked if they appear in the list). When you finish, close the Autoruns, close the climup, and then restart the computer. Ready. Tip: In the column "Publisher" You can identify the manufacturer of the file and with this, you will know what program it is related to. If you want to undo the change later just go back to this screen and check the file again.

climup - virtual technician

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